The purpose of our Club is to provide support, education and friendship to fellow parents. 

Developing a network of other parents going through the same life experiences enables us to share our feelings and ideas in hopes of gaining more confidence and a better understanding of our roles as mothers and fathers.

The San Carlos Belmont Mothers’ Club was founded in 1990 and our mission was "Mothers Helping Mothers". 27 years later we updated our mission to “Parents Helping Parents" and our name to The San Carlos Belmont Parent’s Club

A Club for the Kids!

Our club is primarily geared for parents of children from 0-5 years of age but many of our events are enjoyed by kids up to age 10 and beyond! 

  • We offer 1-2 free to low cost Children’s Outings events per month geared toward supporting and trying local classes and experiences
  • Recent events have been:  Hikes, park dates, Hip Hop or other types of dance classes, Parent & Child Cooking classes, Fire station tours, Gymboree, KidPower Safety Workshops.

A Club for the Parents!

Many Members join as expecting mothers looking for support, discussion, meals, playgroups, and classifieds but they stay for the free annual Preschool Fair, Holiday Boutique & Gift Wrap event, and Pampering night.  The Parents' Club is a great place to connect with other local parents and to find resources, referrals and get involved.

  • We offer a Babysitting co-op participated in by families in your community, and free to low cost Mom’s Night Out and Dad’s Night Out events; recent events have included art, cooking, exercise, and wine tasting.  
  • The SCBPC has teamed up with Parent’s Place in San Mateo to offer free to low cost Parent and Childhood classes and speaker events that typically cost $30-$45/person; recent classes include Sleeping Issues, Kindergarten Preparedness, Positive Discipline Techniques.

A Club for the Whole Family!

We offer events for all members of the family, seasonal Family Events like our popular Winter Gymnastics, Spring Picnic, Summer CuriOdyssey Dinner, and Fall at Lemos Farm.  

  • On our online forum we discuss local recommendations for services, local nanny postings and recommendations, and our money saving Classifieds section is known to pay for the Membership itself. 
  • We offer Playgroups based on babies born around the same age and we also have Subgroups based on your interests; Single Parents, Beer Appreciation, Recipe Exchange, Scrapbooking, Breastfeeding, Food Allergies, Playgroups Based on Local Elementary Schools, and more.  Don’t see a Subgroup you want?  You can start one! Email or or more information.
  • Our famous SCBPC summer camping trips are a low risk way to introduce your little kids to camping; typically 1.5-2 hours away, no experience needed but any is welcome, make new friends with like-minded people who understand and can share the cooking!  Email for more information.

A Club for the Community!

  • Through our In-a-Pinch Program, we support our Members by creating meal trains when they have a new baby or in a family emergency.  

  • We have a closet of preemie clothes and a variety of newborn bottles we can loan to Members in need.  Email for more information.
  • We also offer volunteer opportunities with the club and donation drive opportunities to support local charities; some recent charities supported include CORA, Ronald McDonald House, One Warm Coat, and Samaritan House.  
  • Our Members are very active in our communities, bringing insight to local issues, and the club donates a large portion of dues collected to local Education Funds and charities that support education and families.  


  Active Membership includes participation in club functions and services, as well as online newsletter and resources.

  One of the most affordable Parent Club memberships in the Bay Area 

  For parents, kids, the whole family, and the community!

  Gift certificates available!

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