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Requirements and Eligibility

  • Members should reside in San Carlos, Belmont or the surrounding communities.
  • Members must be the legal parent or guardian of at least one child 18 years or younger, or be currently expecting.
  • We require our Members to use their real names and addresses on our online community as we believe it encourages in person community and responsibility.  Members must register using their full legal name, birth dates, a physical address, phone number and the names of all children under the age of 18, birth dates, and certify that all information they provide to the club, now and in the future, is true and accurate. Fictitious names and "screen" names will not be permitted for members and/or their family.
  • Members will set their privacy settings to share their first and last name with the general club. Individuals found to be providing false or misleading information to the club or who do not maintain the required information in their membership record will have their membership suspended and may have their membership immediately terminated without notice.
  • Members must agree to and accept both SCBPC Membership Terms (SAN CARLOS BELMONT PARENTS’ CLUB WAIVER/RELEASE/INDEMNITY AGREEMENT) and SCBPC Online Resources and Email Use Guidelines upon initial membership and renewal. For more information, please log into the community.



  Active Membership includes participation in club functions and services, as well as online resources

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  For parents, kids, the whole family, and the community!

  Gift certificates available!

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